Do You Like Surprises!?! (NOLA)

7:00 AM

I like surprise...........compartments, unexpected finds and delightful treasures! So when I recently read an article by Jacqueline Newbold in the new Cloth Paper Scissors Pages Magazine, I decided to give some of her ideas a whirl in my own style.....

Cafe Beignet Sketch
On the day we arrived in NOLA, it was blues skies. Within the hour it was clouding up and quickly started to rain. KJ and I knew we were going to do a test taste of beignets when we went back to NOLA. (Inquiring minds wanted to know and so did our taste buds!) We happened up on Café Beignet and decided this was a perfect location to wait out the rain and begin our testing.
While we were waiting on our beignets, we noticed a small presence in the shop who had also come in out of the rain....
A sweet, little tuxedo cat was hanging out under one of the tables. It took a bit of coaxing, but he was finally convinced that an ear scratch might be just the thing on such a soggy day.
If you look closely at the photo,
you'll see where I used a paw print punch
to create a kitty paw print—more info below!
It was such a delightful and unexpected visit, that I knew I wanted to call out the special moment in a different way on the page. I wanted something that provided delight for the viewer of the sketchbook page the way the cat's visit did for KJ and I.

Jacqueline mentions using library pockets, cards and index card dividers in her article. Since it was late in the evening and I didn't want to wait until morning, I did a quick online search and discovered a library card pocket template.
The template I found is from Mirkwood Designs. Once I had the basic design, I created a pocket the size I needed to fit in the corner of my page since I'd already sketched the main image on the page. After I built the pocket, I then created a simple tag-type card from watercolor paper and painted the tuxedo cat.

I used green ribbon on the pocket and tag to coordinate with the green awning. Before gluing the pocket down to the page, I used the paw print punch to create a foot print at the top of the pocket and then used ink to distress the edges of the pocket a bit.

In my search for a template, I found lots of other ideas too, so I think you'll be seeing more of this on my pages. It's such fun to create a visual treat that's not immediately available to the viewer and it provides a nice surprise to see the special visitor we enjoyed all over each time the little card is pulled out!

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13 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Love, love, love this page! (And not just because it brings back happy memories!) The art is beautiful, as usual, but there's so much feeling and fun in the page as well. It really adds to the whole effect.

  2. Fantastic, Laure! What a great way to celebrate a special treasure. Kitty love :) Love your illustration and use of colors to keep your theme.Bravo!

  3. I enjoyed so much not only your fabulous paintings, but their colours, and the perspectives of your photographs too. Great post Laure'

  4. I love the idea of a pocket on the page - and what a great page it is. How do you like the magazine? I haven't seen it yet - I may need to make a trip to Hastings.

  5. Great idea! And I love how that page turned out.

  6. Wow! So cool Laure :)!!! This is the best feedback an artist could hope for. Thank you for trying my idea. I absolutely love how you incorporated it into your journal. And I love your painting, especially how you made your darks interesting and intriguing. Great find on the template - Way to go!

  7. What an awesome idea! Oh how I would love to see your finished NOLA journal in person to 'ooh' and 'aw'. My eyes would be wide open to take in all the visual treats!!

  8. Good idea - love little surprises like that on pages!

  9. Laure-what an awesome idea, love it!

  10. Lovely page, Laure. I like the way you made the pocket and tag fit in with the overall theme of the page. Looks like you planned it from the very beginning. I will have to get the magazine and check out Jacqueline's article. Thanks.

  11. I love this page. I love the colors as well as the subject matter. I had to come back to see it again and lo and behold I can comment today. A few let me on today and a few still wont let me comment. I hope tomorrow I can still comment on the ones I got on today. You never know with blogger.

  12. This is really, really cute, Laure! I love how you incorporated it into your page. The painting is beautiful too...of course! You paintings always are...

  13. I love to do little secret pockets in my journals, too! Sometimes I use greeting cards as my writing page and glue the envelope to the page in my Journal.
    I adore this cute paw cutout and the painting of the cafe is fantastic. I feel I could walk right in and sit down for breakfast. Love it!


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