And Now For The Strawberry Surprise.....

11:05 AM

In yesterday's post, I mentioned adding a surprise to the strawberry spread.....

The surprise is in the lower lefthand corner of the page where the real strawberry was sitting.

And the surprise, you ask?
You can't really tell from the lousy photo,
but the ink is a very dark chocolate-y brown!
First, I took a piece of scrap watercolor paper and tore it down to the size I needed, height-wise. After that I determined how wide it could be to create the strawberry. I then created the two folds. 

Once I had my additional piece, I painted the surprise inside. After it dried, I added my text inside and out. Using my my heart punch, I made two little "paper buttons" and painted them. I punched holes through one and added a piece of thread that held a tag onto an antique I purchased this last weekend.

Using glue, I glued both hearts down on the outside to keep the enclosure closed and hidden until someone gets curious enough to open it.

My other challenge came when I realized I would need to stay as loose on the chocolate-dipped berry inside of the enclosure as those on the outside. I think I pulled it off even though there is a bit more detail on the inside berry.

I know several of you mentioned strawberry shortcake and that was a possibility, but what kind of shortcake? A biscuit, angel food cake, real shortcake? In my experience (I grew up the daughter of a strawberry farmer and my older brother still farms berries today), folks are very particular about their "cake!"

So, what say you—what kind of "shortcake" do you like best?!

p.s. my apologies for the lousy photos, the weather is very gray and overcast today. Ick.

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15 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Yummy incorporated :) Your dark chocolate looks so real! Shortcake? A biscuit... no sponge cake for me. The berries need to be read juicy, too.

  2. Delightful, Laure .... but oh so cruel ... now I have a craving for strawberries and chocolate!

  3. Hahaha....i love it! I said chocolate because for me there's nothing better on a strawberry. Yum! BTW...It really looks like chocolate...

  4. Oh what fun! I love this idea and I love chocolate dipped strawberries too. My tradition with shortcake is handmade biscuits split open with strawberries inside and then on top as well -- a stack.

    ..... and maybe a berry fun class?

  5. Absolutely darling and clever! You're right--I am particular about my "cake"--I like either a biscuit (like at the fair) or pound cake, but I don't like angel food cake (it's a texture thing).

  6. Yum! Chocolate dipped strawberries sound perfect - and look perfect as well.

  7. Oh at first I thought those were real strawberries - yummie for the painting!

  8. Very creative! By the way, my school-aged son spotted the real strawberry on yesterday's post right away and even commented, "Where's the chocolate?" He likes to make chocolate-covered strawberries for me and his grandmas. I'll have to show him this post too.

    Shortcake, eh? I'm not a traditionalist - I go for pound cake, then vanilla ice cream (not regular cream or whipped cream), then strawberries mixed in a syrupy sugar glaze.

  9. I tried to leave a comment on yesterday's post but blogger wasn't working for me on your blog and others. So hopefully it will be working now.
    Your strawberries look fantastic and that chocolate looks so real too! Mmmm, you can't see me but I'm drooling here, lol.
    Shortcake to me was a sweetened biscuit as I grew up but it's been sponge cake since I've been married (my husband grew up with the grocery store sponge cakes but I make my own). You are right though, people are particular and as for me, angel and pound cakes are best plain!

  10. You know I almost came back and said Chocolate dipped ..Thats what I like best. I like the sponge kind best for shortcake but I cant really eat strawberries anymore.. they attack me big time..all those little seeds on them. and I love them too. Lovely idea for your journal page.

  11. Well, this is just a really fun surprise! I love the added extras you are doing. And what is better than chocolate dipped strawberries?
    My favorite shortcake is simply made from Bisquick. Nice, tall, flakey, sugary biscuits covered with strawberries and glaze, topped with real whipped cream. No calories there, but my, oh my. Heaven on a plate.

    1. I've been trying for several times to comment and I think it may work this time!
      Chocolate was one of my guesses, cats was the other...cats and strawberries? Well...
      Thank you for showing us your journal pages, they always make me smile!
      (I had a snoop around and found your first post on your pineapple journal...very cool!)
      Question, please? Do you think that the Cloth Paper Scissors Pages magazine you got was a good investment for ideas and how-tos? I have a gazillion books and stuff, but if it's good, I gotta have it!

  12. I love strawberries, and your painted varieties are just so tempting! You would've had as many strawberries to feast on as you liked ... chocolate dipped is a special treat. Great project you created Laure!

  13. Perfect finishing touch, Laure! Strawberries are excellent with scones and clotted cream too!

  14. A lovely surprise, Laure! I'll have my strawberries without cake or biscuits, just the chocolate will do.
    Your work keeps inspiring me and bringing me joy: thank you!


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