And Now For The Strawberry Surprise.....

11:05 AM

In yesterday's post, I mentioned adding a surprise to the strawberry spread.....

The surprise is in the lower lefthand corner of the page where the real strawberry was sitting.

And the surprise, you ask?
You can't really tell from the lousy photo,
but the ink is a very dark chocolate-y brown!
First, I took a piece of scrap watercolor paper and tore it down to the size I needed, height-wise. After that I determined how wide it could be to create the strawberry. I then created the two folds. 

Once I had my additional piece, I painted the surprise inside. After it dried, I added my text inside and out. Using my my heart punch, I made two little "paper buttons" and painted them. I punched holes through one and added a piece of thread that held a tag onto an antique I purchased this last weekend.

Using glue, I glued both hearts down on the outside to keep the enclosure closed and hidden until someone gets curious enough to open it.

My other challenge came when I realized I would need to stay as loose on the chocolate-dipped berry inside of the enclosure as those on the outside. I think I pulled it off even though there is a bit more detail on the inside berry.

I know several of you mentioned strawberry shortcake and that was a possibility, but what kind of shortcake? A biscuit, angel food cake, real shortcake? In my experience (I grew up the daughter of a strawberry farmer and my older brother still farms berries today), folks are very particular about their "cake!"

So, what say you—what kind of "shortcake" do you like best?!

p.s. my apologies for the lousy photos, the weather is very gray and overcast today. Ick.

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