Bluebird of Happiness?

5:13 PM

Watercolor of ceramic bird
2 x 3 inches
Pineapple Journal
Click to enlarge
Every once in a while I see a figurine that catches my eye and fires up my imagination. This little guy is the result of that spark. Bluebird of happiness?

Hmmm, maybe. It sure made me happy to stop for a few minutes today and to sketch out the idea and paint it. It doesn't look much like the figurine as I was really trying to incorporate the swirls (the spark) on his back.

As to the nice emails asking if I'm okay...yes, just super busy with two classes running and some technical issues that had to be dealt with this week.

I'm hoping things will go a bit smoother next week and I'll be posting as normal. Hope you have your own bluebird of happiness that visits with you this weekend!!

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