Addicted to Color

9:46 AM

I succeeded in getting lost in a world of color yesterday though it was purely unintentional! After the disaster with the sap green in Monday's post, I decided life was too short to waste time painting with icky paint. I went in search of another half pan of sap green that I was fairly certain I owned. I just had to find it....
And eventually I did find it, along with some palettes I'd totally forgotten about and being a color junkie, I just had to play with them all. Again.

It all started with that BIG box of 64 crayons...really. It's my parents' fault that I'm a color junkie. Really! There was something mesmerizing about one box. And for the first month or so they had to be kept in perfect order. I would spend hours lost in that box of magic!

Some things tend to fade away with childhood, but I've found that I can repeat that particular magic whenever I get out a palette and start playing again. And I thank my parents for that gift. Time and place disappear. Something I desperately wanted to happen yesterday.

At the top of the photo above, you can see a small Sennelier palette with half the paint missing (harvested for other palettes, no doubt), a large Sennelier palette, and continuing in a clockwise circle, a Schminke palette and the smallest one is (mostly) Winsor Newton.

I save little scraps of watercolor paper to test colors and mixes on which are all those little pieces of paper you see scattered about. Most hit the trash bin, but every once in a while I come up with a combo I want to repeat. I've decided to do some sketches dedicated to the various palettes I own and see if I (or you, my lovely readers) notice a difference in the sketches.

All this play in a timeless world has led to the start of a painting. It's not quite ready for prime time yet, but maybe by the end of the week. Surprisingly, something good out of something not good.....I'll just have to go looking for sap green a little more often.  

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