Waterbrushes! A Favorite Tool!!

3:34 PM

Waterbrushes are one of my very favorite tools! A waterbrush is simply a brush tip attached to a hollow tube that you place water in. Making a mark with a waterbrush is every bit as spontaneous as making a mark with a pencil or pen. You no longer have to tote water with you everywhere you go because it's right there in the brush handle! You'll also find that it allows for greater creativity because there's no set up or clean up.

Waterbrushes do take some getting used to and they present their own unique challenges. Pull out an old failed painting or a scrap of watercolor paper and PLAY with your waterbrush before attempting to create a piece of work with one. Once you learn their personalities and how to make that work to your advantage, I think you'll find them to be wonderful inventions!

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