Just Too Cute!!

9:30 AM

Sometimes our pets just do the cutest things and yesterday was Tucker's turn, though he would die of indignation if he knew he was being accused of anything so dastardly as being cute. He's fought that battle his whole life. Alas, he's never realized that fate stacked the cards against him by giving him that long, lux, grey fur and cute little mug!

You're bothering me. The paper's mine. ALL mine.

At our house, anytime the UPS person brings a package, its for everybody, not just whoever's name happens to be on the box. Any packing materials, like crinkly, crunchy, smelly paper belongs to the cats, especially this one! He attacks, romps, beats, smacks, rolls, hides, and sleeps in "his" paper nest!

Maybe if I ignore you and that light you'll go away.
Either that, or I'm going to have to bite you.

We put the paper down and Tucker immediately begins to shape it to his satisfaction. Woe be to any misguided feline that happens within batting range during this stage! This time he managed to create a tunnel. The photos were all taken from underneath a chair with the help of a flashlight. If I use the flash, he's gone in a flash as he hates the bright light. Not to mention it makes him look like a demon with red, glowing eyes.

If you're not going away, would you at least turn that light OFF?! Like, now!
Wanna play?!! Stick your hand over here. Yeah, go ahead. Try touching my paper.....

As nonchalant as he appears, he would love nothing better than for me to start tickling the edge of the paper so he could pounce on "the noise!" Either that, or he'd really like for me to turn that irritating flashlight off.

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