What Does Your Inner Critic Look Like?!!

8:02 AM

Have you noticed it gets kind of crowded in the studio or in your head, and sometimes it's rather hard to hear yourself think from all the noise? It's our Inner Critics!! Critics can keep up a running dialogue for hours, spewing negativity and making us feel lousy about ourselves, our art, just about everything. Would you like to silence the Inner Critic?!! How you ask? By drawing and painting your critic!

This critic happens to be mine. Some people have monsters for critics. Mine is a very real looking person. (I wish she looked more like the monster that she really is—then it wouldn't be so hard to ignore her!) She spends a great deal of time looking down her nose at everything I do, making hateful, hurtful comments. I've added some of the hateful things she says. You may recognize some of them! I've also included a quick shot of what she look's like on the inside should anyone be fooled (note the fangs)! She seldom smiles and her lips are almost always compressed into a thin line (note the frown lines). She tends to where her hair as if it is a tiara or crown. You'd think she was a queen. She sure thinks she is!

So think about it....what would your critic look like? Monster or person? Male or Female? Normal or not? What voice do you hear when your critic speaks? What do they say? Is it a voice from the past or from the present? These are all clues to what your critic looks and sounds like.

Once you have your critic painted, TAPE their mouth SHUT! Literally. With a piece of tape.

Then prop your painting in an area where you can see it while you're creating your artwork and every time your critic opens their mouth, point to the image and say, "Nope, sorry, you've been silenced! I don't want to hear it!"

This is an assignment we are using in the Artful Journaling: Foundations class, to overcome the clamor of voices from the Inner Critics that would hold us hostage from our creativity. I think you will find this exercise fun as well as wonderful therapy. I disappeared for a couple of hours to create mine. Chris had to come find me and when he looked at what I was doing, he broke into a big smile and said he needed to do that too!

Play, have fun, and make sure the critic has a mouth so you can tape it closed! I invite you to share your critic and link back here!

UPDATE: Some folks have a difficult time taping the mouth of their critic closed. An inverted glass or glass dome works just as well!

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