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...what a delightful term! I stumbled across it in a December magazine that had been hiding in the piles on my desk. The article addresses taking a holiday time-out to keep from getting overwhelmed and starts off with be a uni-tasker even if you're a veteran multi-tasker. I found the article quite timely even though it's June.

Hmmm, I asked myself, am I a veteran multi-tasker? Well, as I considered this, I noted the bell on the dryer went off, the dishwasher still had 9 more minutes, and then the washer could get going, the camera battery was finished charging and could now be put back in the camera, and I had found most of the top of my desk. And it was only 9:47 in the morning! Multi-tasker? You bet your boots I am, but more to the point, do you know a woman who is not?!

In stark contrast, I watched my husband make peanut butter toast for breakfast the other morning. This is quite the undertaking and has to be done in a special order, with special bread and a special bowl (about 50 years old) in the proper order. Any deviation from the tradition and the whole process is doomed. I watched as he carried his toast—one half of a slice—one in each hand—one at the time—to the table. He makes 3 slices of toast. That's three trips for the toast alone. The coffee comes last and is another trip......

And I shake my head as I carry my 2 slices of toast, cut in half, to the table in one trip. My coffee is generally already there. In observing this, I note how much the man enjoys the process, the steps in creating the breakfast, and I think he may have the right of it as well. It is in enjoying the process that the end result is more satisfying or seems so.

Now, if I could just learn to enjoy the process of clearing away clutter and piles and not stressing about the other 217 things on the to-do list...........

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