Creativity and Positivity Award!!!

7:52 PM

The lovely Pam Johnson Brickell of South Carolina Low Country blog has awarded me the Sunshine Award for creativity and postivity!! Yay! (She must not have been looking on those days I was whining!!) The Sunshine Award - how perfect is that for Florida!!! Thank you, Pam, I greatly appreciate it!

I am to pass this award on to other blogs that I think do a great job on creativity and positivity which means I get to introduce you to some outstanding blogs you may not know about! How cool is that?! Now, speaking of whining, some folks roll their eyes and think this is nothing by a bunch of nonsense, but I've found some pretty cool blogs though these awards! You might too! If you ask me that's better than finding out what color my bra is!!

So let's get started, shall we.....
Clarie at Claire's Sketchbook - Claire has a wonderful style that will make you feel like you've just walked into a fairy tale children's book!
Elva at Elva's Field Notes - this woman is a fantastic artist and a lovely individual as well!
Kathy at Catching Happiness - such fun and sometimes thought-provoking posts!
Kelly at Red and the Peanut - this woman is a genius with a camera AND a brush!!
Krista at Hope in Every Day - this woman holds down a crazy busy life and still finds time for art!
Martha at Marthann's Musings - Martha is a very talented lady and a new blogger. Please stop by and say hello!
Susie at 1st Floor Flat - the woman is a wonder to behold with all of her finery and computer wizardry!
Teresa at Blueberries, Art and Life - another great artist that also happens to be a wonderful writer!

I do hope you'll go and check out all these lovely blogs as well as Pam's! You'll be glad you did!!

P.S. There's suppose to be 12 in the list and I'm to notify everyone, but since I'm the creative type, I'm not real good at following directions!

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