Art Hearts for Haiti - Mea Culpa! Mea Culpa!

11:52 AM

It is with my sincerest apologies that I have not moved forward on this initiative before now. We are back on track and the derivative art has been created:

You should be able to click on the art to enlarge it and see the details. 

On the last two pieces of art, I have placed the words "Art Hearts for Haiti"....I am open to suggestions for alternative wording/no wording/additional wording on any/all art. Once the wording is added/changed, I will be opening up an ImageKind store later today to make the art available on T-Shirts and other items they have available. All funds (after tax, tag and title) will go to either the Red Cross Haiti fund or to Doctors Without Borders - your choice. (Please leave your choice in the comments.)

Last but not least, I am proposing an auction on eBay of any of the ACEOs available for purchase. I propose the auctions be started on Tuesday, April 6th, with a closing of Monday, April 12th with a minimum bid of $10.00. The auctions would be branded as "Art Hearts 4 Haiti" and plainly state this is to raise funds for Haiti's rebuilding efforts. If you have an Etsy store or other outlet and would like to offer the art through these outlets rather than eBay, please do so. As the art sales, send me a total of the profits and I will keep a running tally of the money raised in the effort.

I approached several other auction/retail venues and found most were overwhelmed or the ACEO art style was not conducive to their auction/fund raising efforts. I think it is best if each person handles their own auction/sale of the artwork as this spreads the workload around to all of us. I am open to other suggests and ideas!

Thank you for your kindness and patience!

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