Easy-Peasy White Lettering On Dark Backgrounds!

5:29 PM

Three examples of white lettering with a fourth using metallic ink instead
In the video below, I demonstrate using Faber-Castell's Big White Pen to create letters on dark backgrounds and then using PITT Artist pens to do a bit of embellishing—so much fun!

This technique will work on envelopes, scrapbook pages and paper, kraft paper tags and just about any other dark paper. I'm going to try this on fabric next!

The "joe & alice" envelope is the same technique but using a metallic marker instead of white.

Just think of the possibilities!

Happy lettering, y'all. Let me know if you use this technique! I love to see what you come up with.

Just a heads up...I am not associated with Faber-Castell or their products in anyway. I just really like 'em!

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4 Creative Thought(s)

  1. ...fun and fab! I really like this, Laure. You always come up with the coolest things.

  2. Great as always. One question. Does the video have audio beyond the opening music? My favorite new learning was how to draw a banner easily.

    1. Thanks! No, the audio is just the music. I was too long-winded and went with the text so I could shorten the video.


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