Where Would You Like To Go This Year?

6:09 AM

Where would you go if you didn't have to worry about jet lag, expenses, danger, your health, obligations at home, work obstacles, child- or care-giver responsibilities or anything else?!

It's a big place out there and there's so many incredible places to go!

Below, I have added a list of locations that I am considering for the ImaginaryTrips.com Interactive class schedule for 2016. I'd love to know what your TOP 3 choices would be! Feel free to share in the comments why you've chosen your three locations.

If you don't see a destination you'd like to go to, please add it in the comments. I can't promise we'll get there, but I will put it on the list for consideration. Voting is open for 14 days. Three votes per person per day, please!

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