Honey, There's A Cat In The Christmas Tree!

6:31 AM

Yeah, it's definitely that time of year...there's a cat in the christmas tree!
A tree? For me!?!

Moby went to full alert as soon as the box appeared in the living room and when the first part of the tree came out the box, she was in, on, under, and beside it! She's a tree-climb, limb-chewing, ornament-bopping, play machine.

It's both hysterical and exasperating as there's no slowing her down. She's a blur as she runs around the room and tackles anything that moves including the other two cats. Speaking of Willis and Joey, they retired to the relative safety of being under the bed so as to make sure they were not snatched by evil elves or run over by a manic-Moby. 
It's so shiny!
I kid not when I tell you the tree was not completely assembled for more than 10 SECONDS before she was climbing her way towards the top! It probably wasn't five. And ,of course, she thought it was great fun to try and bop our hands as we were attempting to fluff the branches. 
There's something on my head. It tickles.
She burrows nearly to the top, but can't go any further. She can look me in the eyes from that height, so it's plenty high! And she doesn't have any trouble getting out or climbing down. What is odd (to us) about this whole cat-climbing nonsense is that Chris and I have had cats the whole time we've been married (23 years) and we've never had a climbing cat—until now. First time for everything, I guess. 
Wonder if I can reach the shiny ball swinging down there, hmmmm....
We knew from last year's experience that we would not be putting any glass ornaments on the tree because she thinks they're for target practice and the whole point of them being on the tree is for her to get. them. off. And it's soooooo much fun! Thank goodness someone invented "shatter-proof" ornaments or we'd have a naked tree again this year (well, naked if you don't count the wad of cat in the middle of the tree). They're also wired on so that we don't hear them hitting the floor in the middle of the night.
I'm invisible and the humans can't see me!
Sometimes, she just lays in the tree and watches the world go by (we have a spinning base) and other times, she's busy plotting world domination. When she gets too quiet, I go looking for her to see if she's begun to implement her plans. 

And then there are times when Moby is NOT in the tree and she finds other ways to occupy herself...
Puncture marks on watercolor paper, copper foil and a custom card
Moby's other favorite hobby is chewing...paper, plastic, tape, ANYTHING with adhesive...basically anything she shouldn't have or we don't want her to have. 

The holidays have definitely arrived at our house. How about you? Are you ready or does the grinch have your intentions held hostage?!

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