I Wanna Dog!! (And A Mini-Review)

12:39 PM

But I won't be getting one any time soon. It seems that d-o-g has become the equivalent of a four-letter word in our household. The situation has become an absolute killjoy.

So instead of To help mitigate soon of my annoyance and aggravation about the situation, I decided that I would get a dog and it would be ALL mine without outside influence—or interference.

So I got an Imaginary Dog and I'd love for you to meet her!

Her name is Lovey. It was originally LuLu, but the term lovey was used to describe her and it just fit. I'd also considered Yip, but it just didn't work for her.
Ink and watercolor
Canson 180º Artbook Sketchbook
Lovey is part Border Collie and who knows what else. She probably won't get very big and by way of some genetic malfunction, she is nearly blind. It's possible that she sees some shadows, but that's it. BTW, Lovey is a real dog, but she'll never by my dog. She was in a shelter a few hours away from us when I first discovered her. 

I decided to create a journal about having a dog, the ups and the downs, the good, the bad, the goofiness, the messes, the fun and the unconditional love that only a dog has to give. When asked why I wanted a dog, I guess that would be my answer. For the unconditional love that only a dog can give. People simply don't know how to love unconditionally. 

I considered what my steps would be if I were really going to adopt Lovey and I figured the first thing I'd do is go shopping, right?! 

I found a sweet, pale-pink collar, a bright-pink plush toy in the shape of a bone and a bright-pink leash to match the toy. Then I found a couple of beds with polka-dot material and the sweetest little pink bow on the front (wonder how long it will last before she has it chewed off?). 

Knowing I had a two hour drive to go get her and bring her home, I figured I'd be nervous. After all, I wanted her to not just like me but love me! I got there early. Lovey and I played and walked and loved and petted while the woman at the shelter explained what to do when we got home…

  • Introduce Lovey to her environment by walking her around on the leash and letting her sniff and smell. 
  • Show her where her food and water bowls are as well as her beds. 
  • Let her wander around, but keep the leash on so that you can keep a gentle hold on her to keep her from walking into anything. 
  • Take her outside and let her sniff and smell around the yard. "Show" her to her potty spot.
  • Introduce her to the feline nation of 3 cats! 

I took it as a good sign that Lovey whined when I walked away to go do the paperwork. Once it was all completed, I gathered up my dog and set off for home.

Who knew 2 hours was a lifetime when you have a scared puppy in the truck?! But we made it home, safe and in one piece!

Next up, I'll be journaling about Lovey and meeting the cats.

Like most artists, I like to try new things. I recently picked up this Canson 180º ArtBook Sketchbook to try out. If I coulda tried before I bought it, I never woulda bought it!

If you look through the images above, you'll see lots of bleed through. 

If you look at the pages above, you'll see lots of smeared ink. Didn't matter if it was permanent or not. Didn't matter what brand…the ink took a long time to dry!

See that little black band? That's part of what attracted me to the journal in the first place. It closes the book with a magnet at the end of the band. Pain in the patooty! It's constantly in the way. 

Oddly enough, it does handle watercolor okay. There's a small amount of cockling, but it's not bad. The paper works well with light colored pencil too. 

Should you fall prey and buy one, just don't use ink and you'll be fine. 

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