Learning New Things I Probably Knew Once Upon A Time...

2:37 PM

Maine Things
Double Spread in my Maine Sketchbook
Zeta Paper - 4.5 x 15 inches
Ink and watercolor
You think you know something and then you find out you don't. 

It's a little disconcerting. 

As an example, I thought Portland was Maine's capital. 

It was in 1831. 

Then they moved it to Augusta in 1832. 

I can't even come close to just having the dates confused. 

And I thought a fiddlehead was some kind of soft-shelled ocean crustacean.

Who knew?!

I didn't know there were over 60 lighthouses or head lights in Maine, but I can't say I'm surprised given all the rugged coastline they have.

And did you know there are more moose (why aren't they called meese?) in the state of Maine than there are humans in Portland?

See all this fun stuff I'm learning?

This, for me, is about getting maximum mileage out of a trip. It's about building anticipation. And I will never remember these interesting little tidbits 3 days from now, let alone 3 months, so putting them in the journal makes sense to me.

I've created a collaged spread of the various elements along with some representative artwork. None of these sketches have more than 15 minutes because it was more about the information than the sketch, BUT…by adding the sketches, I've made it a far more entertaining and interesting page.

How do you build up anticipation for your trips? Do you do any kind of "specialty" page?

Please share your ideas!

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