An Unexpected Visitor From The Past

12:01 PM

My mother's birthday is January 1st and since this year was her 80th birthday, we had a big blowout to celebrate. With my mind on the party, I was a little surprised when an unexpected visitor from the past showed up.

My grandmother showed up at the party.

She died back in 2007.

Before you wonder if I've lost my mind, let me explain.

When we cleared my grandmother's home before she moved into an assisted living home, my aunt found a box of cards in the back of the closet. My grandmother was extremely sentimental and no one wanted to throw the cards away—they had obviously meant a lot to her. So my aunt took the box home with her. She'd planned to go through the cards and do something with them.

Like most of us with good intentions, the cards sat in the closet for many long years before those good intentions were realized.

At the party, my aunt gave a number of us a pack of cards that we had given to my grandmother over the years. In my pack, there was also a photo from our wedding and a photo of me when I was 3 or 4 years old.
If I'm not mistaken, this photo used to reside in a silver family tree frame with all of my grandmother's grandchildren's photos. Another blast from the past. I hadn't thought of that tree in years.

But what truly captured my attention and brought tears to my eyes, was the small skate pictured above.

Some of my earliest memories were of my granny creating something.

She crocheted, she sewed, she crafted, she gardened (she could make a dead stick bloom!), she baked (her 7 layer chocolate cake was divine!) and cooked, she was always doing something and I've long suspected that my seeds of creativity were cast from watching her.

She never used expensive materials. The skate above is made from a piece of felt, a paperclip and some yarn and thread. So simple and yet so "Granny" that I would recognize it anywhere as her work.

To me, it's a priceless piece of art.

I also have some "chickens" that are made from the same material…and now I'm on a hunt to find where I put them.

Over the years, she and I dabbled in a number of different craft projects together. When she moved back to Florida from Georgia, I was amazed at the number of items she'd kept from the past of things I'd made with her or for her.

While there were tears, it was like a gift of a visit from my grandmother after these many long years of silence.

She was a such a special lady that left a huge legacy of love, craft-iness, creativity, and making do with what you had.

I wanted to preserve the moment and be able to revisit it without having to hunt down the ornament or cards, so I've created a page in my sketchbook.
Granny's Skate
Stillman and Birn Beta bound sketchbook
5.5 x 8.5
watercolor and ink
In the space at the bottom of the page, I'll add the details of how the skate and cards came to me from my aunt.

Many thanks to my Aunt Lala for the visit from the past and the work of going through all those cards and there were a bunch of them! Many thanks to my granny for the legacy of creativity and love.

To this day, she is fiercely missed.

On an entirely different note, I have had to turn on the word capture feature on the blog due to some persistent spammers that refuse to take "no spam" for real. My apologies for the inconvenience!

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