How About A Fall Getaway to Greece!

9:17 AM

As I'm getting ready for an Imaginary Trip To Greece starting next Tuesday, October 15th, I thought I'd share some of the cool, fun facts about this country. In no particular order:

  1. Greece is about the size of the state of Alabama with approximately 10 million people living there.
  2. Over 16 million people visit the country each year! Tourism is 16% of the country's Gross Domestic Product.
  3. The country has more than 2000 islands with 170 populated. Crete is the largest and beyond gorgeous!
  4. Greece is the world's third largest producer of olives...can you guess the first and second?
  5. When we think of Greece, many of think of the doors, windowsills, and church domes that are painted a beautiful turquoise blue. This paint color is used because of an ancient belief that this shade of blue keeps evil away. The color is called kyanos. “Cyan” and “cyanide” are derived from the word.
  6. The legendary home of Zeus and other Olympian gods and goddesses is Greek’s highest elevation, Mount Olympus at 9,750 feet (2,917 meters). The country's lowest elevation is the Mediterranean Sea.
  7. The Parthenon (from parthenos or “virgin”) was built almost 2,500 years ago and sits on the Acropolis above the city of Athens. It took 15 years to build. At one time, it featured colorful sculptures and a large gold-and-ivory statue of Athena. 
I hope you'll join me on this fall getaway and visit this beautiful country! To learn more, please visit here

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2 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Hi, Laura! I have signed up and i am looking forward to the trip!! I was in Greecesome 25 years ago and have happy memories from the vacation on Santorini and Crete.

  2. Greece this time of year? Sounds like a fabulous idea to me! Very interesting facts that you posted for us to ponder. I especially like the info on the "Blue" that I too associate with Greece. I'm "packing my bags" and my excitement is growing for another adventure!!! ;-)


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