Birthdays and Bears (Guest Artist)

11:10 AM

Suggested Alaskan Sketchbook Cover Idea
© Chris Ferlita
Colored Pencil and Ink
Printer Paper
During the Imaginary Visit to A Past Vacation class, I asked my husband what his strongest impression of Alaska was as this was the vacation I used to create the class demos.

He replied it was a bear eating an elk carcass.

Pausing, I turned to stare at him and said, "But we didn't see any bears eating an elk carcass. In fact, I don't think we saw any elk at all."

He shrugged and said, "We saw bears. They have to eat, right?"

"Yes, but I'm trying to come up with the cover of our sketchbook for the trip. You think a bear eating an elk carcass is appropriate?"

"You asked me what I remembered. You asked me what my strongest memories of Alaska are. There you go," he finished and off he went.

He was apparently in an alternate universe on our trip because his Alaska memories and my Alaska memories are definitely not the same, but I digress...

Now I gotta tell you, I wasn't about to put a bear eating an elk carcass on the front of the sketchbook.

Wasn't happening.

Chris stopped by my studio a little while later to see what I had come up with. Looking over my shoulder, he asked me for the dimensions of the sketchbook and then disappeared.

(You know what they say about when it gets too quiet you should be worried? Yeah well...)

What was interesting, is that he asked for none of our photos. No information whatsoever. In a little over two hours, he was back with a sketch in hand.

The image above was Chris' take on what the front cover of the sketchbook should look like!

I don't know of too many other pieces of art that express my husband's sense of humor quite so well. It also displays his belief that life should be fun, and if it's not, he'll either make it fun or he just won't play. He has a knack for finding the funny in nearly any situation and making us laugh.

Today also happens to be Chris' birthday and this is my shout out to the a very funny guy that keeps me laughing. (Most of the time.)

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Chris!
Doesn't he look happy?!!

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