Guest Artist: Sketching On Location (and Being Photographed!)

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Donna Vacca, one of the artists from the Imaginary Trips online sketching classes, recently emailed me after she returned home from a three week trip to several European countries (lucky girl!!). Donna joined me earlier this year on an Imaginary Visit to a Japanese Garden and an Imaginary Trip to Greece

Donna is fairly new to watercolors (but not to art) and she wanted to combine two of her passions—travel and art–on her upcoming trip. She took the two online classes as a way to help her prepare. Take a look at her gorgeous pages! I'm posting her delightful email below:

Hi Laure, 
I want to thank you again for your fabulous online classes that helped me practice and achieve such personal satisfaction with my art skills. Working with different tools [in the classes] helped me pack my supplies knowing what would work for me. I often made use of the fountain pen and waterbrush for super quick sketches (something I had never used before your classes).
During August I traveled in France, Switzerland and Italy, sketching and painting in my journal as we went along. I managed to do 16 pages over 3 weeks.
Here are some of the pages:
Eiffel Tower - 15 min. on site and embellished later at the hotel 
Moulin Rouge - Painted leisurely from memory, 4 sessions on the bus
Venice - 50 min. on site (while being constantly photographed by tourists!)
Donna Vacca 
Eiffel Tower by Donna Vacca
Click to Enlarge
Donna Sketching at the Eiffel Tower
(Note that she's standing up!)
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Moulin Rouge by Donna Vacca
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Gondola by Donna Vacca
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Donna sketching in Venice
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Sixteen pages in 3 weeks—that's incredible! Some of the things we work on in the classes are what tools work best for quick sketching, how to take advantage of those small windows of downtime (waiting for the bus, the train, dinner, the lost passenger, etc.) and how to go with the flow and enjoy the experience.   

Thanks, Donna, for sharing your fabulous pages and experience with us!

P.S. Don't forget to check back for the GIVEAWAY tomorrow!

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