Add A Touch Of "Zen" To Your Life...

9:21 AM joining me in An Imaginary Visit To A Japanese Garden!

Stroll along the statues and koi pond.
Feel the gentle breezes sweeping cares and concerns away.
I hope you'll come and join us....more class information can be found by clicking here. The class is now open for registration. 

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5 Creative Thought(s)

  1. Looks like another great class Laure - so glad you posted pictures! I'm sure I'll be signing up for it soon.

  2. Looks like another fun trip. I will be curious to see the painting that come from this one.

  3. Beautiful pictures Laure! It should be a great class! Did you complete your newest bag?

  4. As I was working in our yard last weekend (planting tomatoes, flowers, and some other veggies) I got to enjoy some 'outside time' and our pond that our family built. This garden class is tempting because I'd love to learn techniques to help capture our pond in an image....

    But.... right now.... I better start packing for Greece!! I'm excited!!


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