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2:09 PM

This week has flown by, or more accurately blown by, in the blink of an eye. I've spent a good deal of it mired down in the world of technology.

On the one hand, I LOVE technology as it expands my view to encompass the world. I have cyber buddies around the world. I am exposed to new ideas, cultures, art works, and thoughts every time I fire up the internet.

Then there is the other side of technology...the infrastructure  that makes all these ideas, cultures, artworks, thoughts available to us.

Anyone who has built a web site, customized a blog, tinkered with code knows what a fine balance there is between order and chaos.

Maintaining this balance is what some would refer to as delicate, mind-numbing and infuriating....but worth it.

So I'm pleased to announce that there are now six months of classes now up on the schedule over at ImaginaryTrips.com and you can read about it on the i•Trav•e•logue!

In addition to the updates at Imaginary Trips, there is now a new web site, ImaginaryTripsMadeReal.com, the new sister company that takes all the fabulous skills we learn in the online classes and provides an opportunity to put them to use in an exotic new locale!

First up, New Orleans! NOLA Live will be held in November—come and join the fun! Click here to learn more about the trip.

Next up, I owe Michael over at Michael's Scroll blog an update on the Pen and Ink Fountain Ink saga that  started with this post. I don't care for this ink...turns out Michael has had great results with it. I promised to try again....and got the same miserable results that I got the first and second time I tried this stuff. My results below:

Pen and Ink Fountain Pen Ink Test
80 lb. Strathmore Aquarius II WC Paper

Moving right along, (if you're still with me) I promised to share a secret with you on watercolor paints. I'm still promising. I will be back at some point next week with a video on some really cool watercolors!

Last but not least, I think many of us are feeling "splattered." Our attention and focus is splattered over so many different events, projects, ideas, and tasks we feel like we're going around in circles. Kate, over at the Quicksilver Workaholic, has a good post on this.

I've spent the morning finding the top of my desk (it's brown), organizing papers into nice, neat stacks and in general, taking a reading on where I am before I plunge headlong into the summer months.

I believe this "taking-a-reading" business may require some serious contemplation time in a hammock, out at the end of a deck next to a large body of water.....you can join me if you'd like, but I've got dibs on the hammock first.

Happy weekend, ya'll!

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