Can I Have Some?!

4:47 AM

Don't know what you've got, but I'm just sure I want some. 
Can I? Can I? Can I have some?
Canadian Goose
Handbook • Watercolor • Journal
3.5" x 8.5"

Meet "Blacflac," Aflac's cousin! This dapper individual decided he* had to have some of whatever Cris and her husband were having for lunch. Cris is the author of the lovely blog Cris, Artist in Oregon! Ever since I've started working in this journal with the loooooooong format, I've been "finding" some wonderfully fun images to capture, and I just loved this guy! Cris was kind enough to allow me to sketch it (thanks, Cris)!!

When painting a black subject, I find it very helpful to look at the "temperature" of the black fur/feathers/surface. If it's in the sun, chances are good it's going to be warm. Even to the point that it's a brownish black. If it's on the shady side, it's going to be cool. Maybe even bluish black. What you can't see in this scan is the greens, reds, purples, and siennas that are visible in person. You can see a bit of the browns and blues.

As this individual lives outside, the colors of the outside world would be reflected in his feathers...greens, golds, blues, etc. The reds and purples are thrown in for added interest and variety. If you are feeling a bit ho-hum about your current sketchbook, I encourage you to try switching to a different format—it offers new challenges as well as new ways of looking at/for things!

*I've no idea if this is him or a her. It just seemed simplest to call it a him.

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