Moving Day is Finally Here!

1:22 PM

It had to happen. I had to move the blog. I am moving Painted Thoughts blog off from my web site and on to an independent site. I am disappointed to do that, but sometimes circumstances dictate the need for change and this is the case. I figure it's easier to do it early in the game rather than months or years down the road.

You see, going forward, I believe that my blog is going to be very important to my business or at least that's what my business plan says. The program that I use for my web site is great. It's just that the blog portion is EXTREMELY limited in capabilities. As in there are no capabilities other than to post. I can't add blogs I follow. It doesn't provide tags or labels or any other bells and whistles. 

The moving trucks are gone. The boxes have been emptied. Everything has been put away. So, welcome to our new home! I do hope that you'll stop by often to see what's new. And please, please, please leave me a comment - it gets lonely over here all by myself!! 

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