Monday, April 30, 2012

Waaaaay To Busy, But Oh, The Fun Of It All!!

My life suddenly took off at Mach 4 speeds and it was just about all I could do to hold on, but I gotta say, it's been a fun and wild ride! I missed y'all and it's good to be back. I thank you for all the concerned emails.

I can't say that I won't disappear again as things are still kinda crazy, but I will try to do a better job of showing up here!

So, where I have been?!

Take a look!
I'm packed and ready to go...
I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again....
(click to enlarge to see the texture made with coffee!)

My "Partner In Adventure" is ready to go and we're on our way! 

Far, far away, all the way to other coast....

To a town with a famous bridge, gorgeous sunsets and a happenin' vibe!
Some 2,000 photos later (and a couple of short pieces of videos), I'm home and trying to get sorted out so that I can share some of this fun stuff with you! Stay tuned for more!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Add A Touch Of "Zen" To Your Life... joining me in An Imaginary Visit To A Japanese Garden!
Stroll along the statues and koi pond.
Feel the gentle breezes sweeping cares and concerns away.
I hope you'll come and join us....more class information can be found by clicking here. The class is now open for registration. 

Monday, April 2, 2012

We're Making Another Bag!!

Purse Materials
I've looked and I've looked and I'm not finding the bag we want—anywhere! At any price. So Sam* has decided that nothing was going to do unless she made another bag to suit her preferences as closely as possible.

She's a little insufferable when she gets like that. No is not an option.

I finally gave in yesterday and we have begun to build "the" new bag. The image above is a peek at the materials we'll be using. It won't be larger than the other bag we've made (you can see it here) height and width-wise, but this bag will be deeper. We need a little more room for camera lenses as well as sketchbooks, cameras, phones, umbrellas and a water bottle.

Sam has also insisted on a few other modifications. Time will tell if they're going to work out or not. Like I said, no is not an option. She knows best.

I've heard that one before too!

What fun things did your muse convince you to try this weekend?

*For those of you new to the blog, Sam is my muse. She's the one that convinces me to do crazy things, have fun, get in too deep and she occasionally gives me a serious kick in the backside when she thinks I'm slacking. 

And make bags, because you know, I really don't have anything else to do.....